adventure. travel. challenge.

When I’m not performing, I have a passion for adventure. Utterly obsessed with travel, thrill seeking and exploring new places.  We are super lucky to live in New Zealand where such beauty is everywhere you look. We have it all!  I love that we can surf at beautiful beaches, wakeboard on the lake, snowboard down the mountain and I am blessed that I can do this right on my doorstep! A dream of mine has always been to purchase a campervan and tour NZ with my camera and some good walking shoes, to blog, explore and capture the hidden treasures of this incredible country.

Having been based in Europe for 5 years meant I had easy access to country hop whenever I had free weekends or holiday breaks from work.  A few favourites being - the hustle and bustle of Barcelona, getting lost in the alleys in Venice, sipping gorgeous Italian wine under the Tuscan sun, being overwhelmed at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and taking in the breathtaking views of Santorini.  Mingling with the locals, good wine, incredible food, and a bloody good book was all I needed to be in my ‘happy place’!   I have been lucky enough to visit Asia on several occasions and I have a lust for the country and culture that beckons - the people, the food, the weather all lure me to this incredible continent. 

As much as I do love the finer things in life, like a cosy bed.... to travel a place with a backpack and have no plan is also what excites me.  My love for backpacking began when I first visited Bali.  Armed with my Lonely Planet bible, with no fixed idea of where to stay or what to do, just a vague idea of places I wanted to visit, I set forth exploring.  Hopping on the back of a scooter, investigating my surroundings and eating fresh seafood on the beach whilst watching the sunset, is my ultimate pleasure.  

Challenge is my middle name I swear. Constantly I find myself searching for the ultimate test, the next exciting adventure to push myself to the extreme. Whether that be bungy jumping, roller skating, sky diving or becoming a contestant on NZ Survivor! Survivor tested me in every aspect of life. Mentally, physically, emotionally and everything else under the sun. Yet I found myself in my element. 

For me that's what life is about, testing and putting myself out there in every situation.

Where to next?..

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