live. inspire. love.

Born in Christchurch, raised in sunny Hawke's Bay and growing up in Palmerston North.  A real down-to-earth kiwi girl who absolutely holds my family and friends close to my heart. I was lucky to share my life with two sets of beautiful grandparents from whom, together with my parents, I learnt life values. 

Second in a family of Mum and Dad, an older sister and two brothers. My sister Jessica, has Down Syndrome.  Growing up with a sibling with Downs was tough at times.  I never looked on her as being different until we started school and was exposed to the bullying of kids who didn’t know how to handle her differences.  I guess this opened my eyes and made me realise that we are all different and its' about embracing our differences. My sister shares my passion for performing – singing, dancing and acting.  It didn’t seem fair to me that she and her friends were not able to have the same opportunities as I had to pursue those interests so I decided to form a dance group for Jess and her friends where they could get out there and perform just like I do.  Nine years later and they are still going strong with dedicated teachers who were prepared to carry on when I had to leave for overseas.  Jessica and her friends are the most beautiful, hardworking and appreciative group of people I have ever taught. 

 Inspired by my sister, and this wonderful group of family and friends, I am now embarking on an exciting new business. 

boom events is being launched to invite people of all ages to learn the importance of team work, of trust and support for one another, to push through barriers, and to gain that wonderful feeling of personal fulfilment.

I wish to continue exploring my passions, encouraging others to push themselves through adversity and live a happy, healthy life.



Follow my journey.