Georgia’s devoted to her dreams

The Tribune - Feb 2018


Georgia Bergerson is happy to be back performing in Palmerston North. There’s nothing hopeless about Georgia Bergerson’s devotion to performing arts. The talented 27-year-old says Hopefully Devoted To You is her number one audition song - and the last time she sung it, she got the part.

Bergerson can soon be seen in the iconic role of Sandy in Manawatu¯ Theatre Society’s upcoming production of the hit musical Grease.

‘‘It’s my favourite movie of all time,’’ she says. Palmerston North-raised Bergerson is happy to be back at home after performing for six years in the musical Starlight Express, and then Tarzan in Germany.  But returning home has meant a huge career adjustment. However, she loves being close to her family and friends.

‘‘Their daily support means a lot to me,’’ says Bergerson.

The dedicated artist, who recently took part in Survivor NZ, says the show was a career highlight.  ‘‘I knew it was going to test me physically. But mentally, it was the most challenging thing ever,’’ says Bergerson.  ‘‘The overall experience was incredible. It pushed my mind and body to the absolute extreme. I was on Redemption Island for a week, where you’re completely isolated. That was a huge turning point, in terms of what I wanted to do when Survivor was over.’’

Forward-focused Bergerson puts her continual career progress down to dancing and singing - and performing - at any viable opportunity.  ‘‘Growing up, I just got involved with as many things as I could, to put myself out there,’’ she says.  In her youth, Bergerson trained every day after school - firstly as a gymnast, which aided her dancing career.

‘‘Gymnastics and dancing gave me a strong work ethic,’’ she says.

She credits her former Palmerston North dance teacher Maureen Ax as someone who both inspired her and helped drive her forward.  But despite her success, Bergerson talks openly about how cut throat show business can be.

‘‘There’s been dream jobs, and I’ve been the girl that misses out at the last minute,’’ she says. ‘‘There has been knock back after knock back, and then there’s that one job that keeps you going. But the knock backs help to push you further.‘‘  The true survivor in her own right has gone beyond keeping going.

Recently, Bergerson has enjoyed modelling work across the ditch, and says that after working in theatre jobs where she has had to do her own hair and make up, it’s been a welcome opportunity to get glammed up by the experts.  However, her main focus is on Boom Events, a company which she’s started with her partner. It enables her to be a fairy and host Survivor-themed parties designed for kids above the age of seven.

‘‘I love kids, and I love entertaining, so we put the two together and come up with this idea.’’  Bergerson envisions her future in the same way.

‘‘My ultimate dream is to be on TV. I would love to be a presenter, or performing on a TV show with kids,’’ she says.

Bergerson appears as Sandy in MTS’s production of Grease at the Regent on Broadway from April 6-14.




April 4th 2018

Sandy is Georgia Bergerson's ultimate role and now, after an international career in musicals and a stint on the Survivor TV series, she is stepping back on to a stage she loves to star in Grease.

The Manawatū Theatre Society is bringing the original high school musical to the Palmerston North stage and Bergerson said she is thrilled to be playing Sandy.

"Olivia Newton John as Sandy was a favourite of mine and my mum too. I always thought it would be a role I would love to play, so it's great to be doing that at the Regent, which is a theatre I love."

It is a theatre that she has performed in many times before.

She grew up involved in Palmerston North's musical-theatre scene and said some of the people she performed with when she was a child are involved in Grease as well.

"It's amazing to be performing with women who I looked up to when they were my age."

The show is the highest grossing movie musical of all time and Bergerson said to prepare herself, she re-watched the movie several times.

The Manawatū Theatre's version will be sticking as close to the film as possible and Bergerson said the director Steve Sayer has done a wonderful job.

"He is so talented. He really is just so amazing. It is awesome to work with him. It is very inspiring."

Bergerson worked on the New Zealand touring production of Starlight Express and then went on to be involved in the same production in Germany. She also worked on the stage production of Tarzan, before returning home to be a part of last year's Survivor.

Bergerson said she was enjoying being back on her hometown stage and for now planned to stay on in New Zealand.

"I'm aiming to go big. I'm not going to sit and settle and think: 'What if I did this?'"

Grease opens at The Regent on Broadway on April 6.