June 5 2017


The latest Survivor contestant to exit the show says the hunger became so severe that she was worried for her wellbeing.

Georgia Bergerson left the show after losing a challenge during Sunday night's episode. She said being on Survivor was "the hardest thing I've ever done and probably ever will do".

The biggest struggle wasn't the politics or the challenges, she said it was the hunger. Bergerson said she started to worry when it became a struggle to sit up off the ground. She said they were "starving" and competing in the physically demanding challenges soon became a concern.


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Georgia Bergerson says she was "starving" on Survivor, and it became a struggle to even get off the ground.

"When your energy levels are so low, like you were worried about going into a challenge when it was just so much energy to even get off the ground," she said.

Bergerson said some of her tribe mates ended up spending their days in Nicaragua asleep. She singled out the oldest members of the group, Auckland mother Barbara Raos, 53, and policeman Nathan Davis, 45, saying they were "sleeping all day" which meant their strategic relationships struggled.

"They just kind of accepted defeat, in a way," she added.

Bergerson, who was a dancer and actor based in Palmerston North, said the conditions on Survivor were brutal. She lasted for 17 days on the programme.


Shayna Tapusoa defeated Georgia Bergerson in a survival duel, sending Georgia home.

"The conditions were so hot, humid. We were starving; I was so, so hungry."

Survivor New Zealand executive producer Emma White said the show was "the real deal", from the risk of getting bitten to the hunger and exhaustion.

"In the end it's hard for them to be laid back when it's such a high pressure situation. They're all being pushed to the limit, and so I guess people's true colours come out," she said.


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