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New Zealand to Germany and back

Dancing, singing, gymnastics have been a my huge passion since I was little.  Gymnastics taught me discipline.  When I reached High School I came to a crossroads of choosing to go down the gym route or dance route. One life changing morning Mum came into my room before school and said "George I've just read about the perfect job for you next year.  Starlight Express is going to do a tour of NZ and are looking for people to audition."  The show incorporating singing and dancing on roller skates. Half a year touring this beautiful country performing and getting paid for it, was a dream come true.  During the tour we were invited to audition for the German production of Starlight, which has been running there for nearly 30 years.  Myself and my two best male mates were successful and offered contracts for the 2010 season - how my life was about to change! 

19 years old, moving to a foreign country, leaving friends and family behind was scary yet exhilarating!  A purpose built theatre, 3 levels high, and the cast literally skating above, in front and around you - not to mention all singing in German!  Three months of skating practice, phonetic lessons and challenging choreography -  then to skate out onto the German stage as part of a record breaking musical!  I was lucky enough to be cast as a Swing, learning seven different roles and not knowing which role you were playing until the day before the performance!

During that time, I did some work on a German Soap.   This job opened up a whole new buzz of performing in front of a camera, the intimacy of that genre being so different from being on a large stage.  I loved the experience and hope to further develop that side of my career.

I finished up having done two years at Starlight, then heard of auditions for the Disney production of TARZAN the Musical.  After an extensive - and exhausting audition process, I was thrilled to be offered yet again a Swing role in this incredibly fast-paced, high-energy show. The thrill of dropping down 20 metres over the audience and spending 3 hours in a harness flipping and flying through the air while clipping myself in and out of lines was amazing.   

From Hamburg TARZAN then moved on to Stuttgart, so I experienced life in two of Germany's biggest cities.  I was continuing to come to grips with the German language as although the shows were performed in German, the cast and crew predominantly spoke English so I continued to attend language lessons and made a conscious effort to speak the lingo to the backstage crew and cast members. It was such a good opportunity for me to learn another language and I was determined to take it!

 I made the most of living on the other side of the world, and have seen so much beauty and experienced so many incredible adventures.  So after five years of eating German Bratwurst, freezing Winters, memories to last a lifetime,  friendships which span so many countries, I am now back in beautiful New Zealand performing in an originally produced NZ musical called City of 100 Lovers performing in the Ensemble/Dance Captain and understudying the Lead female role Sally.

Georgia Bergerson as Joule

Show Reel